Bottega d'arte

Through the years, Rosmundo has managed to invigorite jewellery with a new allure, being deeply rooted into the artistic and history influences which Maestro Rosmundo is very fond of.
Rosmundo is the cornerstone for those seeking the highest quality of italian craftmenship which has 
become the choice of reference for clients from all around the world.


Born in Eboli, Maestro Rosmundo found in the overwhelmingly variety of beauty expressions the major inspiration.
A rebellious attitude, an endless quest for the truth lies at Rosmundo’s restless nature, which found only in the arts his answers.
It was due to Raffaella, Rosmundo’s mum, that the little child started being exposed to the world of ornaments, since he was shown, on a regular base, to wonderfully crafted pieces of custom jewellery during their sunday strolls.
From that moment, the future of Rosmundo was clear.



The top quality stones, all carefully selected and certified, the meticolous work perfomed by hand alongside with his visionary talent able to defeat any limitation, are the quintessential elements of Rosmundo’s creative process.